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Elixinol CBD: 2021 Review

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CBD heavyweight Elixinol was founded by Paul Benhaim in Colorado back in 2014. Benhaim has been working in the hemp industry since 1991. It was then that he saw the potential of hemp to enhance people’s well-being. Based on the research of how cannabinoids interact with the human body, he has dedicated his life to bringing hemp-derived products to the market. Elixinol CBD reviews show this is a highly rated brand you should not ignore.

Elixinol CBD reviews for product range

This brand not only sells every type of CBD product you can think of, but they also offer specific varieties within each category so that no stone is left unturned for their customers. Not only will you find full-spectrum CBD oils, if you’re looking to avoid THC you have the choice of a broad-spectrum CBD tincture. Their CBD topicals span sports relief gels to anti-aging balms. Furthermore, their edibles also meet a wide variety of needs. This includes the Good Mood gummies to reduce stress and Omega Turmeric capsules for inflammatory relief.

All of Elixinol’s products are vegan, non-GMO, and made with organic industrial hemp grown in the USA. We like the fact that Elixinol includes the terpene Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) in their full-spectrum tincture for enhanced absorption and efficacy. And we also like that their CBD gummies are made with real fruit extracts too.


Elixinol definitely isn’t one of the strongest CBD brands on the market. The most CBD you’re going to get per serving from their tinctures, which offer about 16mg from their 120mL bottle. Furthermore, that’s if you’re taking the recommended 0.5mL dose. We recommend experimenting with the dosage depending on your specific needs. With a 1mL dose, you’re getting 32mg CBD and this brings them in line with the likes of NuLeaf Naturals. In fact, Elixinol CBD reviews highlight the great benefits the tinctures bring, especially their liposome oil, which is designed for fast absorption.

Elixinol’s gummies are available in a concentration of 10mg of CBD per gummy. Again, these are not the strongest on the market. With a pack size of either 4 or 30 gummies, we recommend trying the 4-pack first to see how you like the flavor and consistency before committing to the larger pack. Don’t expect to see results overnight, however. CBD takes a while to build up in your system. That said, they’re worth sticking with as customers applaud the calming and stress-relieving effects they feel when taking the gummies.

For Elixinol’s capsules, you have the choice of a 30- or 60-count bottle with each gel containing 15mg of CBD. Here, it’s up to you how many gels you take, so if you want a stronger dose you could take three in one sitting. We like the night capsules with 2mg of added melatonin, which helps you drift off to dreamland.

Elixinol CBD reviews for flavor/taste

Elixinol has really put careful consideration into their flavor options and has sourced some impressive ingredients to complement their organic full-spectrum hemp. Across the CBD tinctures, you’ll find natural, cinnamint, citrus twist, and grape. The cinnamint uses real organic peppermint as well as cinnamon and definitely disguises the flavor of hemp.

Elixinol’s CBD gummies are available in mixed berry, pineapple, and passion fruit as well as an assorted option if you can’t decide. The flavors work really well and don’t taste bitter or leave an unpleasant aftertaste like other CBD gummies we’ve tried.

Source and extraction method

All of Elixinol’s hemp is sourced and grown in the USA. Elixinol is part of the Consumable Hemp Regulatory Program in Iowa that requires all of their products to be registered to the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals. In terms of extraction, Elixinol uses CO2 supercritical extraction for most of their products. However, for their fully organic products, they use a clean ethanol-based method that is in line with the USDA. As you’d expect from such a massive CBD company, Elixinol provides third-party COAs for all of their products and tests for the full panel of labs, including cannabinoid profile, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and more.


Elixinol CBD reviews show it is one of the leading and most trusted names in the industry. With a long history in hemp, founder Paul Benhaim has built a truly remarkable business that features a lineup of products most brands would envy. If you’re looking for a consistent and effective CBD brand, you’d be hard-pressed to find any better than Elixinol.


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