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Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life: 2021 Review

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Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life got its start in 2019 and is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. As one of the 330 branded supplements Garden of Life offers, these CBD products have some serious credibility. Garden of Life began almost two decades prior in 2000, with a commitment to deliver whole food nutrition. Now, it has a variety of different sub-brands within the supplement space. Additionally, the company was bought by Nestle in 2017 as part of the Health Sciences unit. Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life reviews show this is a can’t-miss.

Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life reviews for product range

Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life whole hemp extracts are available in a range of different supplements and skincare products. You can find CBD tinctures for both humans and pets, CBD soft gels and capsules, CBD gummies, and, finally, CBD topicals for face and recovery.

The whole lineup has been formulated by Dr. David Perlmutter, a board-certified neurologist. Since Nestle owns this brand, you can rest assured that there is no THC anywhere near these CBD products. In fact, every product makes use of broad-spectrum hemp grown on organic farms.


Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life offers its CBD tincture in several different concentrations:

  • 10mg / $0.08 per mg
  • 15mg / $0.09 per mg
  • 30mg / $0.07 per mg
  • 50mg / $0.06 per mg

The 15mg concentration is typically blended with other ingredients and is targeted at a specific ailment, such as stress, insomnia, or inflammation. This is why they end up being more expensive per mg. All of the CBD tinctures are available in a 30mL bottle.

The soft gels and capsules come in a 30-count bottle and follow a similar formula in terms of concentration. You’ll also find CBD Probiotics in this range. Again, these are targeted at specific groups or conditions:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Stress
  • Immune
  • Inflammatory Response

We especially like the CBD + Focus soft gels, which include omega-3 DHA and vitamin D3. The recommended serving size is one soft gel or capsule. We prefer this, as oftentimes you’ll find CBD capsules with a lower dosage that require two capsules per serving.

The CBD gummies come in a 60-count tub with each gummy containing 5mg of CBD. The recommended serving is two gummies to achieve 10mg with each dose. However, the exception to this is the Extra Strength option that’s twice as strong. We recommend the Extra Strength option as the cost per mg is 40% less than the standard gummies.

Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life reviews for flavor/taste

The main CBD tinctures are available in peppermint and chocolate mint flavors. Furthermore, their 15mg oils are combined with additional ingredients to provide a subtle flavor of either light mint or ginger. Regardless of the oil you choose, customer reviews indicate the flavors are not too overpowering and the oil is not too hemp-y.

The gummies come in a nice range of flavors including mango, tart cherry, blueberry, berry spice, and citrus burst. However, we did see comments saying that they’re pleasant to chew but all taste the same!

Source and extraction method

Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life sources its hemp from farmers in Oregon. These farmers follow organic farming practices according to the National Organic Program. In fact, no herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides are used to produce their hemp. Once the hemp has been farmed, Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life uses a solvent-free CO2 supercritical extraction process to obtain its hemp oil. Finally, all products are third-party tested by Labdoor for purity and potency.


Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life is a superior brand of CBD products currently available in the US. These CBD tinctures, gummies, and capsules have been developed by a health and wellness company with an impressive track record in the supplement industry. Above all, if you’re looking for a consistent and affordable CBD product, we highly recommend Dr. Formulated CBD by Garden of Life.


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