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Charlotte’s Web CBD: 2021 Review

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Charlotte’s Web was founded in 2013 by the seven Stanley Brothers in Colorado. The brand rose to prominence when it was featured on CNN’s Sanjay Gupta show. However, it was the story of how they acquired their name that really caught people’s attention. The Stanley Brothers were longtime cannabis cultivators in Colorado when their proprietary high-CBD strain helped change the life of a little girl named Charlotte, who suffered from a severe form of epilepsy. The CBD oil brought relief to Charlotte and having seen the impact it had on her, the oil was naturally named Charlotte’s Web. Seven years later, Charlotte’s Web CBD reviews attest it is the No. 1 CBD brand in the US and even went public back in 2018.

Charlotte’s Web CBD reviews for product range

Charlotte’s Web offers a solid range of CBD products in different application methods. Consumers new to CBD should start with their full or extra-strength CBD tincture, which comes in either full spectrum or isolate. If you’re not a fan of putting oil under your tongue, Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules are a great, easy-to-take option.

Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies feature a botanical blend of ingredients created for desired outcomes. This includes promoting sleep, recovering from a workout, or promoting a sense of calm and relief. The sleep blend includes melatonin, the calm blend includes lemon balm, and the recovery blend includes turmeric and ginger. You may also be interested in tinctures from Kat’s Naturals.

CBD topicals are also available, including soothing balms and a cream that promotes skin health and muscle relief. They also have a line of CBD products for dogs.


Charlotte’s Web CBD tinctures come in two sizes, 30mL or 100mL, and four different concentrations: Full, Extra, Original, and Maximum strength. Confusingly, Original strength has a higher concentration than Extra strength. To make it easier to see what you’re getting with each oil, we’ve created this handy table:

$ MG Ml $/mg $/ml MG/Serving
29.99 210 30 $0.14 $1.00 7
59.99 510 30 $0.12 $2.00 17
119.99 1500 30 $0.08 $4.00 50
119.99 1800 30 $0.07 $4.00 60
79.99 700 100 $0.11 $0.80 7
149.99 1700 100 $0.09 $1.50 17
274.99 5000 100 $0.05 $2.75 50
274.99 6000 100 $0.05 $2.75 60

Charlotte’s Web capsules recently underwent a change from powder to liquid. We think it’s a change for the better. The capsules come in either 15mg or 25mg concentrations and can be bought in quantities of 30, 60, or 90 capsules per bottle.

Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies are 10mg per serving, but you’ll need to take two gummies to get that amount — so you can get through a tub pretty quickly, especially if you’re having several servings a day.

Charlotte’s Web CBD reviews for flavor/taste

The full-spectrum tinctures are available in flavors such as mint chocolate, orange blossom, and lemon twist. The olive oil option has a natural earthy taste that some may find off-putting.

The gummies come in Ginger, Raspberry, or Lemon Lime. Our favorite was the lemon-lime flavor.

Source and extraction method

Charlotte’s Web CBD is developed using industrial hemp that’s grown on their Colorado farms. Before planting, the soil is tested using a process known as phytoremediation to make sure there are no toxins or pollutants that could compromise the quality of their hemp plants.


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