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cbdMD: 2021 Review

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cbdMD is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has been on the CBD scene for some time. Prior to launching, they searched far and wide for the best conditions to grow hemp — only to find their home in Kentucky. cbdMD is most famous for its association with golfing great Bubba Watson. The sporting association doesn’t stop there, as they are also the official CBD sponsor of Big 3, the professional 3-on-3 basketball league. With such close ties to different sports, you would be hard-pressed to find better CBD for athletes. However, cbdMD CBD reviews reveal this brand has something for everyone.

cbdMD CBD reviews for product range

All of cbdMD’s products are made with broad-spectrum CBD containing zero THC. This is great for folks looking to avoid THC for personal or professional reasons. In fact, cbdMD’s tinctures are our favorite zero-THC products on the market because of the range of flavors and concentrations available. When combined, the price is truly unbeatable.
Beyond the classic “broad-spectrum” CBD tinctures, cbdMD offers gummies, capsules, topicals, bath bombs, and pet products. cbdMD did offer vape products called Mingo Rad but recently set this up as a separate brand.


cbdMD’s tinctures come in two bottle sizes, either 30mL or 60mL. The 30mL bottle concentrations are 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg. The concentrations for the 60mL bottle are only 1000mg and 1500mg. All bottles are an incredible value coming in under $0.10 per mg. cbdMD recommends one milliliter per serving, which means you get 30 servings containing 10mg each in the 300mg bottle. This is compared to 30 servings containing 100mg in the 3000mg bottle. If you’re just starting a regimen with cbdMD, we recommend the 300mg bottle. But if you’re looking for something to help with pain relief, you may want to consider the 3000mg bottle.

The gummies come in 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg concentrations with each bottle containing 30 gummies. The serving per gummy mirrors that of the oils. So, for the 300mg, you get 10mg CBD per gummy. Next, the 750mg is 25mg per gummy, and, finally, the 1500mg delivers 50mg per gummy.

cbdMD CBD reviews for flavor/taste

cbdMD’s CBD tinctures are available in four flavors — natural, mint, orange, and berry. Our favorite is the orange flavor as it disguises the taste of hemp and leaves a nice aftertaste. The natural flavor is as you’d expect, natural, so it has an earthy flavor we don’t mind. If given the choice, we would go with a flavored option.

The gummies have a stronger flavor than the tinctures and are labeled Tropical Mix, which includes tropical, orange, strawberry, and a raspberry flavor. The gummies come in a cube shape, which makes them feel a bit more substantial compared to other CBD gummies on the market, which we like. However, they are dusted in organic sugar which means you may want to consider going for a higher concentration so you’re not consuming too much sugar in one go. If you’re an athlete or an active individual who values clean products without sugar, be sure to check out Kill Cliff CBD, too.

Source and extraction method

cbdMD CBD reviews show that this brand is a member of the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Program. This means they source all of their hemp extracts from Kentucky farms under the guidance of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

We read that during the growing stage they utilize aquaponics and analyze the soil pH levels to ensure consistency in each and every batch. Once they have the raw materials, cbdMD uses the C02 extraction method to achieve its broad-spectrum CBD oil that is also rich in additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients which reportedly encourage the entourage effect.


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