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It's Time to Restore the Review Experience



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At Restorative Review, we strive to provide honest, trusted reviews from across the web in an unbiased manner. We feature reviews of health and wellness products, CBD products, holistic brands, and more, so you can have a more informed and empowering shopping experience.

how do we do it

How Do We Do It?

Our team intelligently combines and consolidates the most encompassing reviews for various products and brands into one tidy package. Instead of reading hundreds of conflicting (sometimes skewed) opinions about the items you’re interested in, you’re instead presented with an overall star-rating as well as key points to consider.

why do we do it

Why Do We Do It?

Our team is passionate about living well and finding products to help us do so. Furthermore, we strive to help others find their own wellness and pursue healthier lifestyles themselves. We want to do our part by providing the most honest information about health and wellness products, CBD oils, hemp brands, and more.